Over a short period of time, Jonathan garnered the attention of the local media for his “new” and different activity as well as being the founder of the Parkour movement in Montreal. Following several newspaper interviews, TV interviews and performances as well as music videos and adverts Drunk knew he can be perfectly happy using his abilities for his own enjoyment as well as furthering the spread of this new and very exciting sport.

For Drunkm0nk, the adventure started in 1979 on the 23rd of May in Montreal. Born with too much energy he quickly started searching for activities that would fulfill his needs.

After over 8 years of studying the rare style of Kung-fu known as Shaolin White Crane, he came to understand the infinite possibilities of human movement. This realization led him to study gymnastics, acrobatics and stunts to further expand and develop his body’s abilities.

DrunkmOnk combined his extensive skills and talent and threw it all into the street to practice the burgeoning sport called: Parkour.

Most recently he starred alongside fellow Street Team member Luke in a TV Commercial for Snickers.