"I love the feeling of freedom I get while training.
I really do see the world differently, there's nothing that can't be overcome".

I've always had a love for running, jumping and climbing. At the age of 10 I joined a gymnastic club where I learned to focus these energies and to discipline myself.

Throughout the 90's I performed four times at the Royal Tournament in front of members of the British Royal Family - the only civillian display team to have ever achieved this.

I have held two guinness World Records, and still perform all over the UK at various festivals.

In 2004 I became aware of 'Parkour' and 'Freerunning', and threw myself into them, quickly becoming recognised throughout the scene.

In the past two years I have performed for companies including Renault, Red Bull, Volvo & the BBC, and pushed interest in Parkour through various teaching projects.