“There are things and feelings in your life that you can’t describe by words. For me, that is my love to Parkour.”

I started training parkour in 2003 after I saw the film “Yamakasi”, and from that time Parkour has become something very special for me, an art.

I accepted parkour somehow naturally because I feel that the desire for movement was always in me, I just couldn't express it. Always being free, expressing my self through effective movement, keep improving myself , helping and motivating others is something that I like most in Parkour.

I was the first who started to train parkour seriously in this part of Europe, so I also felt obligated to spread parkour the right way.

As part of my contribution I have set up the first Parkour site in Serbia and participated in many interviews and TV reports. I have even managed to organise the very first parkour workshop in Serbia, only with the help of kind people willing to help parkour.