"Parkour is my life. Since I caused the first wave of people understanding Parkour on international forums I can advise and train people daily - be it on the net or in real life, private or in my workshops all over Europe. I am very glad about bringing people on the right track wich will help them progress and enjoy Parkour much more.

I am proud to be known as one of the main ambassadors and defenders of original Parkour, worldwide".

Having started Parkour in 2001, Andi is one of the most experienced traceurs around and globally recognised as the consumate authority on Parkour technique. Andi was the first Austrian traceur and having trained with the founder of Parkour, David Belle, he now receives many visitors to his home town to be expertly trained.

Andi’s list of media appearances is prolific. He’s appeared on every TV station and in every major newspaper throughout Austria, Germany and Switzerland. He’s also worked with the best choreographers and advertising agencies in the region on campaigns and stage performances for power brands such as Adidas and BMW. In 2005 Andi became ‘THE FACE’ for Casio’s G-Shock Collection.